Interesting brand stories

The story they share is very simple but fits perfectly with the . Sep 27, 2019 · Brand storytelling is a tale as old as time and we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best brand stories to inspire your small business in your own storytelling

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  1. Nike is the Greek goddess of victory
  2. Researchers bought thrift store items at $1
  3. Here’s a link to six or so good brand story examples
  4. Lamborghini sports cars exist because of Enzo Ferraris pride
  5. brandchannel
  6. We here at Flipsnack are big fans of telling stories
  7. BeardBrand is a great example of this
  8. In fact, 72 percent say they want brands to be funny on social
  9. Brand Sto­ry: In a let­ter
  10. These stories have largely gone untold—until now